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Fps drop from 60 to 15 while looking thru scope and Firing many bulets at once
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When i shoot looking through scope (mk200) fps drop from 60fps to 15fps, when particles are on very high,
when on normal then drop only little bit ,
and when i shoot without scope does not effect performance only when looking through scope! ,

this is weird because when looking through scope visibility area is a lot smaller than without.

i5 3750k @ 4,7 (i try on default too)
evga GTX670
g-skill 2400 16gb {F18921}


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In options change to particles quality to very high and shoot at distance 500 meters with weapon mk200 with ARCO or RCO scope, 50 - 100 bullets at once (better go prone)

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I need to put particles down otherwise game is unplayable even if i put other options down to normal and particles very high steel is the same issue.

So problem is in particles i think.

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Try with different ATOC settings, set it to everything and set it to none, test both cases.
I noticed a similar FPS drop with ATOC grass enabled and looking through some grass in prone position with a scoped weapon.
ATOC disabled FPS did go up, lowering grass density even more (This is why we need separate grass density and grass draw distance settings!).

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when i changed particles minimum like on the picture is fine, but i think is some issue with it , with my computer configuration should be fine even with particles on max.