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MH-9/AH-9 Nickname change to something else
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This bugs me a lot. The fact that The MH-9 is known as the Little Bird and the AH-9 is known as the Killer Egg.

Both names are already taken by the MH-6(Little Bird) and the AH-6 (Killer Egg). They are not the same aircraft (By design). I would goes as far as to say, Both Aircraft types are COMPLETELY different from each other.

Do better job of giving the BLU-FOR Helicopters there own unique name/nickname.


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The link below is more than enough information

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The Marine's AH-1 Helicopter Has different Nicknames for each type:
Cobra,SuperCobra,Viper,SeaCobra, etc.

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It shouldn't bother you. The only place I can find that reference is the Field Manual, and in there it's pretty obvious that the fictional MH-9 is actually intended to supplant the real MH-6, claiming that the 9 has "been used in special operations by US Army since the Vietnam War".

While nicknames do vary wildly, sometimes even for the exact same A/C, there is also precedent for official and unofficial names to get handed over from obvious predecessors and descendants, even spanning several eras (Thunderbolt II, Corsair II).

They wanted a "Little Bird", but it isn't really a Little Bird, so they called it an MH-9 and assumed (in the fantasy) that it had been the 9 all along. ...or something like that.

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