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FEATURE REQUEST: Ability to choose the shape of unit placements & waypoints.
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This would be very useful...
The ability to make the shape of unit placements & waypoints elliptical or quadrilateral just like triggers :-)


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This would cause problems as it's very easily possible for the game to spawn units inside a rock as it only takes into account the terrain coordinates, not any assets placed on top.

And way points can be made elliptical, just change to X and Y values to be different

aah thanks! I didn't know that about way points I'll take a look at that :-)

I still think their should be the option for a quadrilateral placement & way point.
For example... It would make it easier to randomly place units in rectangular areas like an airstrip, or a street.
Maybe the four corners could use a click & drag method to manipulate the shape to a specific area.

Anyway it's just a thought and not urgent but would come in very useful :-)

Egosa-U added a subscriber: Egosa-U.May 7 2016, 1:39 PM

Workaround is:

  1. Place unit or group
  2. place empty marker
  3. sync unit or group to empty marker
  4. set the markerpos randomly within specific coordinates.

2nd Workaround is:

  1. Place unit or group
  2. place more than one empty marker
  3. sync unit or group to all empty markers
  4. unit or group will spawn randomly on one of the markers.

Waypoints can be set onto empty markers with setwppos-command aswell (even randomly).

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