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Bad running animation with handguns
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While sprinting, when standing, soldier aims handgun upwards to heavens from elbow up. While sprinting, when crouched / kneeled, soldier aims handgun upwards to heavens by twisting his wrists.

Both of these ways of handling handgun, aiming it towards heaven, is wrong even by "amateur" standards and especially for person who is supposed to be military trained in weapon handling.

I served year in army, mandatory service here, and we were trained always aim weapon, rifle or handgun, towards ground in angle for safety and even handling reasons. While aiming towards ground in slight angle it's faster to rise weapon and fire than when aiming to heaven and lower it for firing.

Original animation for handgun handling in ArmA 3 was more realistic way of handling said weapon type and I would prefer that those animations were implemented back. New animations, wobbling around while aiming to heavens, look silly and isn't way to handle handgun.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join SP / MP game
  2. Equip handgun (pistol)
  3. Sprint
  4. Watch as yours soldier tries to murder sky

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Also seems like a really good way to shoot yourself in the head. Not a fan of the new animation either.

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different animation is there already