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AI can shoot at me while aiming other direction
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AI soldier can aim in different direction - as much as 90° left/right than the actual direction to me - and when he shoots, he hits me (bullets actually pass by me/hit me/kill me), while still aiming the other direction.


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Happened in multiplayer for me, don't know if it's single player bug as well.

I don't have any particular steps. It just happens sometimes in combat with AI. I think it happened to me mainly in close range fight.

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I've noticed this before as well. I recall it happening when the AI were shooting at me while running. They'd be looking & sprinting at a perpendicular angle to me, yet they are firing their weapon at me at the same time. If they're sprinting then they shouldn't be able to fire at all, that's 1 issue...another issue is that they shouldnt have such good aim while facing away from me. It's one of those glitches that makes you roll your eyes back into your head.

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