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Static Objects on the Map have been assigned new ID# (Breaks All Current Custom Missions that use Static Objects on the Map)
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Just like title suggests as of 15/04/13 Update, Static Objects on the Map have been assigned new ID#.
This change breaks all current custom missions that rely on static objects (triggers or scripts).

Not sure if its permanent, cant find any info on the BI Forums.

Objects tested: First 3 Lights @ Stratis Air Base Entrance.

Old ID# - 143222, 143087, 143169

New ID# - 45831,45696,45778


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Steps To Reproduce

Load any custom mission created before 04/15/13 that uses static objects!!!

Additional Information

Might be a permanent change that will require Mission Designers to update their Missions !!!

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

We appreciate your attitude but keep in mind that alpha version is still development status and changes like this are very likely to happen.

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