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I would like to see packs of wild dogs on Stratis, that attack you
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I would like to see packs of wild dogs on Stratis, that attack you.

I think it would be realistic to have 2 or 3 small packs of wild dogs,that would respawn in random places after killed.
This would help with the immersion.


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Stop spamming this tracker with crap.

I dont understand why suggestions piss people off. There is a feature request category for a reason. If you don't have something constructive to say, just dont comment.

If you want this MOD it, ARMA has a very strong MOD community. The key to the tracker is not features (like packs of feral dogs), it's about building a complete and reliable engine that we (the community) can MOD. Asking for specific things like "I want Marine Mammals at Sea so I can swim with them" is not what this is for.

What you could ask for is the ability to script Animal behaviours, and then you could do this yourself.

Asking for specific things all the time, will not happen because they have limited resources and you cannot build a game incorporating every suggestion because they are often cancelled because another Users suggestion cancels opposes or nullify's yours. Will Feral dogs attack NPC's? Will this affect trigger points? Will Animals need a team to attack everyone e.g OPFOR, BLUFOR, NEUTRAL & NATURE (which attacks everyone? What about in a Mission with a Target like "Kill the Officer" and the feral dogs randomly get him? Do you lose, win , draw? Think through the suggestions a bit more.

What they can do is build a very good engine that we can all work on and improve and use to create things like Day-Z.

Look through all the Items BIS have rectified, they are working on priorities in the engine, and rectifying things like behaviours "Snakes opening doors".

Very well said , thank you :)

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I'm going to go ahead and close this, since packs of feral dogs would more likely be a mission specific feature. As mwnciboo said, such things are really beyond the scope of this tracker.