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Stopping power and realistic bullet impacts. Realistic armor system.
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When you hit an enemy/an enemy hits you with the different weapon types they don't even seem to have any injuries, not even a weapon impact. Armor protects you from some bullet types, but you never remain intact. You would probably fall to the ground when shot by some types of weapons.


As a simulator, I thought weapons would have realistic stopping power and medics would have a realistic use and abilities. If a high caliber bullet hits you and doesn't penetrate your body armor, then you will receive a shock, you will fall and you will probably go unconscious.

Make weapons stopping power realistic, make armors realistic and make bullet impacts on people have a reaction, like falling backwards or falling to the ground when shot in the leg.


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Shoot an enemy and observe how it reacts.

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Make enemies maybe stand more hits depending on the weapon while using armor, but with the impacts stated above.

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