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Consistency in movement etc across all different stances (Updated June 18th)
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Basically this suggestion is for a number of changes that will make for more consistent control of your character throughout all of the different stances.

Updated June 18th!

  1. Leaning left and right while prone:

Adjusting left and right while prone has been added but is very extreme and you also can't aim down your sights while doing it. I would still really like to see leaning left and right while prone since Q and E currently do nothing.

  1. Symmetrical lowest stance:

I think the lowest stance should simply make your character push himself down toward the ground instead of rolling over in some direction simply because it not being symmetrical when the player doesn't input a direction and has no choice of direction is a bit awkward really.

  1. -- ALREADY IMPLEMENTED -- Moving in adjusted stances.
  1. Adjusting left and right in all height stances:

Right now adjusting left and right is only possible in two stances: the default standing and default crouching. Most naturally this should be possible in all stances and at the very least in all standing and crouching stances for consistency.

  1. Merging the sitting stance with the sitting command:

Right now one stance sticks out from the other stances: the one between crouching and prone. You sit. While in this position you can't move unlike all other stances. It just so happens to be that there is also a command for sitting down but using that command you simply sit down without being able to shoot. So clearly we have two sitting stances, one with a weapon and one without that are on two entirely different commands. I think they should merge. The sitting stance should be taken out of adjusting so it can't be adjusted to and instead moved to the sitting command. In the sitting command you should be able to raise and lower your weapon just like in the standing stance and when your weapon is deployed you should go into the same stance as is possible by adjusting today and by lowering your weapon using the lower weapon command you should go into the stance that is on the sit command today, all consistent.
*Note:* a "high prone" sort of push-up stance has been suggested as a replacement for the sitting stance, if anything should replace it.

These changes together would make movement a lot more consistent across stances and also move away one or two stances that currently are out of place -- sit and prone down -- from adjusting and put them at the command they belong in and either change or cut them respectively.


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(Dead) discussion thread here:

I'm Sneakson at the forum as well and if devs see this and have any questions go ahead and ask. I've been in gaming for a while so to speak.

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Hello everybody
I totally agree with this and would like to ad the following commentary with my own suggestions:

About 1) - agreed
It has allready been implemented in current Development Branch (0.55.103960)

About 2) - agreed
May i suggest to even replace the lowest stance with a slower, more sneaky, low prone/crawl stance or something the like.

About 3) - agreed for all standing and crouching stances.
would be awesome :)

About 4) - agreed
I suggest to even replace the "high prone" with a Push-Up stance, that lets you get a quick overview without having to go in low crouch, of which transition should take longer as an simple Push-Up.
When lying in gras or crawling behind any low cover, this could be very usefull to get better situational awareness, whilest basicly staying behind cover or concealment and not having to expose ourself as much.

But make it so, that if we try to move during Push-Up stance, the character should change back in to normal prone and also stay in it afterwards, to actually being able to move.
Just to maintain fluidity and simpleness.

Additionally, the same performance as to go in Push-Up stance (default: CTRL+W) could also be used, to push the characters upper chest little higher during prone lean left or right.
With same behavior.

Much Love and Light

Ah, I heard someone mention prone leaning. Didn't notice it was in already.

A temporary push-up stance would be a good alternative to sticking your head up as suggested over here: