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The engine of any vehicle turns on when braking with engine off
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If you brake in vehicle when it has engine off and it's moving, the engine turns on that it shouldn't do. It should remain off instead. It makes sneaky approach a little bit troublematic.

If manual gear isn't implemented, it could be fixed like this:

When move forward / move backward key is pressed, the direction of movement should be recognized – if the current movement in z-axis is opposite to the key pressed, the engine is not turned on.

If manual gear was implemented, it could be fixed simply so that braking never turns the engine on.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Accelerate with any vehicle
  2. Turn engine off via action menu
  3. Brake -> engine turns on
  4. Drive in steep hill so that the head of car points uphills
  5. Let the car to slide down or reverse
  6. Accelerate -> engine turns on immediately (it could turn on after you've started to move forward)
Additional Information

The power of braking could be little bit smaller with engine off because there's not the brake boost that you have with engine on.

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I played for a while with the handbrake and it seems to do the job well. Maybe it was implemented just to solve this issue? For my part, this ticket can be closed/rejected.

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Seems this is no longer needed.