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Feedback Tracker Request: Allow Max. Upload to be 20Mb for videos specifically MP4.
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As the title says, usually up to 20Mb for an MP4 for example, the recording time for that size is usually enough to show examples that help support the ticket.

I have tried to upload a video to the feedback tracker that was about 3mins long, and it was 4mb ish in size. I have removed it as I uploaded to a different website and included the link, I personally think it makes sense to allow just MP4 uploads to be a maximum of 20Mb in size. Every other file format stays at the current upload limit.


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PS. If anyone is wondering how to convert their videos to MP4, use this program:

I did a virus/spyware check and found nothing, and other websites recommended it.

If you do decide to install it, dont forget to UNTICK install the Ask toolbar. Untick the second option then the first option otherwise if you untick the first option, the second option is ticked, but greyed out. I do this for anything that ask if you want a toolbar to be installed.

I had a 425Mb .AVI file, converting this to .MP4 resulted in a 15Mb .MP4 file.

Big difference and same quality.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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This is solved. Just tried uploading a 34MB binary.