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Player character can go through a lot of things (exploits & other collisions issues)
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Player collision since OFP is big problem, it can be an immersion breaker, or mission breaker if it makes you killed when you get stuck or your character is standing by himself. In multiplayer it can be used by exploiters and break any honest and fair public TvT session, ruining players experiences.

I tried to sum all the major issues of the character collision in this video :

  1. Player can cross a lot of walls (maybe 15% of Stratis objects).
  2. Shoot through concrete.
  3. See through wall.
  4. Be stuck under building floors.
  5. Unable to shoot low when the upper body is on a edge.
  6. Have its character standing itself uncover when crawling.

The character collision deserve more love.


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-To cross walls : Lower your weapon, move close to a fence, crouch, press backward.
-See see through walls : Weapon low, lean left/right/front and use free look.
-For dead aim on edge : Go prone on trash pile or a chariot or a step ground and try to aim the horizon.
-Shoot through wall : Use step over and shoot when your muzzle is on the other side.

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I noticed the same, I can walk thru and into some rocks/boulders.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I wouldn't be surprised if the devs rewrote the entire game after the alpha testing, most issues are passed down from every arma title. If the devs completely redo the entire game and fix these issues, it be worth waiting another year lol.