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Trading gear with Team Mates
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You should be able to trade gear with team mates without having to dump it on the ground. Sometimes you want to give your buddy some clips or nades or some other gear.


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Rather than adding a new post, I decided to simply add to a post I already reported. There is just an overall glitch with gear. As I noted above, because you cannot just trade gear with team mates, tonight I put an INLAW round in a chopper for my team mate. He got in the chopper to get it and it was there but when he grabbed it, is vanished. This always happens and in various ways. Various gear disappears in various ways. Has been a real problem for us.

We appreciate your attitude but please do not report more than one bug in one issue. Every issue is one case to resolve for us and it makes hard to track the bug if it is reported with some other. Similar problem is to hold status for a bug when its in same issue that other one.

Please make single issue of all you 3 bugs and especialy for the issue with chopper try to put together some steps to reproduce it as we can reproduce it on our side.

Thank you.

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