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Way too many controls and keybindings
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The game is complex and this is good but there comes a point where "realism" becomes simply "hassle" to deal with and ruins the immersion.

For example:

There is no need for fully half the commands currently in game listed on the controls setting page, these should be combined and integrated into other commands like ever other FPS game does.

In my opinion the spirit of the game is to provide a fun and enjoyable sandbox where one can get into the action and enjoy it, rather then having to think about which of the 168 keys he needs to press to elevate his gun 2 degrees, and then spending the next 10 minuets trying to fix his weapon back so that it fires correctly.

If you are using more then 20 Keys to control anything (honestly id say 10 is plenty enough for an FPS) (without some streamlined option) Controlling your character then becomes a hassle rather then second nature.

There are only so many things which are key in an FPS:

Movement - wasd, Mouse (Sometimes q and e for strafing), Crouch, Prone (should be the same button that cycles)

Firing - Mouse button, zooming/look - Mouse button 2, changing weapon - scroll, Grenades (Keyboard button and maybe an additional one to change grenade type).

Specials - Infrared etc, Bipod,

All in all the above is less the 15 buttons. There is no need to have 60 commands for movement, 30 something for weapons, etc. These commands need to be streamlined and combined as I said above to make the game less clunky and easier to play.


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In addition, there is no need for a "raise" weapon AND a Zoom / zoom weapon command, you should simply hit 1 button and it raises your weapon and automatically zooms into the sites.

Again, complexity and realism is great, But only until just moving and controlling your weapon is all you spend your time doing or trying to figure out how to do.

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i spend a lot of thoughts on this topic too.

and i fully agree that there are so many key bindings available that it's pretty hard to stay above everything. and at this point there are still possible options which can be added.

but: only because there are so many key binding options available doesn't mean you have to use all of them (there are a bunch of options i do not use, for example i only use 'k' to toggle my compass not needing to hold it or double tap it)

in general, just removing certain key bindings without really thinking about it or combining two present key bindings might upset a lot of people.

if it would be up to myself i'd rather redesign the current key binding option menu (especially adding help / info text to most of the key bindings)
redesigning the menu could help you get ahead of the complexity without upsetting other players.

also, i create a ticket on adding custom presets which could help out too.

i'll probably create a new issue requesting a redesign of the key binding menu

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I am so sorry that you dislike the control scheme even though it has a couple of key bindings less than arma 2 and its far more organized, but that is not (i repeat, IT IS NOT) gonna change, why dont you go play something simpler like COD, BF, or some sports game?, i am pretty sure you dont control a soldier with under 30 keys anyway

Being x military Army 19-D specifically I find your comment offensive Drdeath. This is a game, Not reality. And in the end the controls should function as a game letting an individual concentrate on doing the mission and not on their key bindings and hitting the right one.

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I'm not seeing any valid suggestions as to how the game's controls can realistically be reduced or simplified in this ticket. You list some of the basic keys, but then omit everything else. Just because you personally don't need some functions doesn't mean no one else does.

Also, raising the weapon and zooming are two different functions that can't simply be combined, because they can and need to also be used separately.

Other than that, this ticket does not contain any usable info and is therefore being closed. If you wish to start a discussion about how the controls can be simplified, I recommend visiting the forums.