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Crouched + NLAW + Binoculars = No movement animation
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There is no animation when the player is crouched, NLAW equipped, and the binoculars are brought out. The result is that the player slides along the floor when moving with the binoculars.

This same (lack of) animation also appears to other people in multiplayer.

I think it is a similar issue with


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Steps To Reproduce

Reproducing it is very simple, in my test case (with video) I did the following steps:

  • [optional to see result] Go into 3rd person mode with numpad Enter.
  • Equipped an NLAW with mouse wheel and space (doesn't matter if the NLAW is loaded or not).
  • Crouched by pressing X.
  • Pulled out the binoculars with B.
    • Once the animation is complete, you should be looking through the binoculars.
  • Now move using the WASD keys and the player will glide along the floor with no animation.
Additional Information

From the screenshots I captured, the binoculars seem to be sticking out of the NLAW as well at the end.

Video can be seen at:

Screenshots with binoculars clipping:

Screenshot 1 shows default crouched with NLAW ( no binoculars ).
Screenshot 2 shows sliding character with protruding binoculars when equipped.

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Confirmed in latest dev version.

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Thanks for testing it on the dev build too MadDogX. I was unable to do it in the Dev build due to the game crashing bug when trying to equip weapon into empty slot.

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There is still a problem using binoculars while crouched with an AT weapon out.

In this case when you press B the character brings up the binoculars with one hand then stops just as your about to look through them and places his hand back on the launcher with the binoculars attached to his hand.

Happens on both NLAW and RPG42 but only when crouched.

Using DEV version 0.61.106113.

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