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Combat stance reset on AI Explosives Specialist after disarming mines
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The combat stance [7 menu, 'Stay crouched'] settings appear to be reset after ordering an AI Explosive Specialist to disarm a bounding mine.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

1 - In Editor, add yourself and an explosive specialist subordinate as well as a handful of mines a short distance away (I used the bounding flavoured ones)
2 - Instruct your subordinate to go 'Combat' and 'Stay crouched' from the '7' menu
3 - Instruct your subordinate to disarm a detected mine from the 'interactive menu'
4 - The mine is disarmed and after doing so your subordinate stands up instead of remaining crouched.

You have to reissue the order every time you ask him to disarm a mine.

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