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Video, Audio, Controls and Game settings profiles...
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Me, plus a few others would feel that having a number of profiles for different the settings in the game could be a valuable feature. This would be done by having a list of boxes numbered one to how ever many needed, once the user clicks on that box they would be using a different profile for that setting/ options heading. This would allow with slow systems to see a large fire-fight that their system might not be able to handle and go into the respective options menu and choose a number (profile) they have already set up for such a situation. It would also allow players to have a number of different profiles for key bindings so they can switch between the binding sets they prefer much quicker, this could be a very outstanding feature in a fast paced game.


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It should be noted that I acknowledge the profile system that is in use currently but this can only be currently accessed from the main menu.

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great idea, and certainly not the first. There are quite alot of players wanting something similar. Sift through the tickets, you will find them =)

+1 anyway.

Thanks, Me and my mates just got annoyed at how long it can take to set up the settings sometimes when we already know what we need.

I know, one particular issue is distance and clutter that has the greatest affect. I have mentioned myself that When playing infantry, i really don't need to be able to see 10km ahead, however when I fly a helicopter, then it surely is necessary to have that distance, so i agree, that is one reason for requiring adjusting on the fly. But as you say, some intense scenes will eat away on resources, so changing on the fly would be equally beneficial.

I was contemplating an ingame menu like in wasteland that allows to adjust distance visibiltity, perhaps some combo's of settings can be included here.

Couldnt of given a better example myself pal, thanks for the vote up :)

I'd also love to see customizable profiles for the game settings, especially video and audio. Currently I have two basic setups in use: one for single-, one for multiplayer to make up for the difference in performance and adjust volume level of radio and VON. And of course I forget to switch back.

It'd be great to setup your own presets for several occasions, e.g. in the options menu or somehow connected to the player's profile. Add a dropdown to the lobby settings, just like you choose difficulty and right next to it, so I can decide just before starting a game/joining a server which settings I'd like to use.

Yeah me too matey :)


Go Options>Profiles and create a new profile.

Your settings and keybindings are saved in each profile.

Did you want something else?

Yes, something to change on the fly, preferably being able to switch in game, not in main menu.

What I mean here is having multiple profiles for each tab under options... I described it above pretty eloquently. Please read the above sections and the comments too and it is all there :) if you need further clarification please state so.

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