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to many virtual block requested
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When some missions are made with scripts and modules the game start lagging and crash, writing the error " to many virtual block requested"

  • I like to add my arma 3 have been rock steady and never crashed before i played this mission. And while playing this mission everyone that used it lost connection or ended up with the error on the desktop.

I belive the problem have something to do with the script and module used in this mission. I have seen far less complicated missions that had the same problem and they did also have synced modules and a few scripts.



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Game Freezes
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play the attached mission... When you start just run towards the city and the game should crash in less than 3 minutes.

If you play this in multiplayer then you should experience that the game start to lag even on the map before you enter the mission.. And once you start the mission you should experience a little lag, that become stronger and finaly give you a black screen and crash the computer to the desktop.

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Thank you for repro mission. I reproduced it in few minutes:)

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Hi there, we are sorry for late response. Is problem still present nowadays?
Reason why I ask is that I get a lot of script errors (possibly thanks to security restrictions of scripts). If you could provide us with new repro, we would be grateful. Also if it would be possible to keep mission as minimalistic as possible so programmers can react quickly to it.

Thank you in advance.

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Duplicate of 10798 which is fixed