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unpreventable drowning when ejecting a vehicle before it sinks in the sea ... :P
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When driving a car towards the sea and then eject, shortly before it sinks, you might be able to look around, but won't be able to move after you hit the seabed.

That result in unpreventable drowning.

{F18757} {F18758}


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Steps To Reproduce

-> Use Editor to place a car (player) close to the sea.

-> "Preview"

-> Drive close to the sea while not driving not faster than app. 40-50 km/s or you're gonna be hurt or even die while ejecting

-> Eject while the car drives into the sea (Attention: It might go wrong sometimes, if you miss the right moment to eject, but for me most at a time it worked)

-> watch yourself hit the ground underwater, after a few seconds you'll be able to look around but not able to move. (As shown in picture)

Additional Information

Should be something wrong with the scripting of physics and animations?

Just driving a car into the sea and eject or get out afterwards works well, although animations are pretty bad, cuz the soldier moves the same way like on land when he gets out. You should at least let the soldier instantly swim when he gets out.

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Because of the bad animation when the soldier get out of the vehicle underwater.. if wanted, I'll setup another report.

@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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