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Sniping too easy/unrealistic. Add wind and ballistic computers/mildotmaster
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Sniping too easy/unrealistic. Add wind and ballistic computers/mildotmaster.
Thats what i want. Otherwise it´s just a 90% Sniper game


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I agree, I was surprised and disappointed when I could simply aim, shoot and it'd hit the target.

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Its just Alpha, I imagine that is coming. Arma 2 had wind, range charts and all kinds of other affects on your bullet, I'm sure that's all coming here too.

ArmA 2 never had those features. What you're referring to are all features from the ACE 2 mod. I'm pretty sure ACE mod for ArmA 3 will be made, but it would be nice if Bohemia could include those features into the vanilla game.

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