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Crosshair behaving bizarre
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When my crosshair moves from a near object (rock) to a further one (hill in the background), the crosshair is resized and that's stranged. The crosshair should not depend on the element I am pointing at, or?


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Point your crosshair to a close object
Move the crosshait to an object in the background.
for instance you have a rock in the foreground, put your crosshair on the border of the rock and by moving a few pixel you will now aim at a background element, move a few pixel to be back on the rock.

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I believe this is by design. The movement of the crosshair is to indicate that a certain object is blocking the line of fire.
I haven't noticed or thought about any resizing of the actual crosshair in the process though.

I can't remember where I read it though.

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This is expected behaviour, not a bug. The crosshair shows what your gun is pointing at.