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Normal FPS controls
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For someone new to the franchise the Arma controls can be very hard to get the hang off, also for less hardcore military enthusiasts a very daunting control set up can be a put off. While I understand the need for the current control set I could also see the value of having another control set that new players could switch to if needed. The other control set would keep to normal FPS key bindings. There is a balance problem here so during multi-player games the arma control set might have to be forced.


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The basic key setup is already 'normal'. w/a/s/d for movement,G for grenade, I for inventory, X for crouch, V for vault. What do you don't get about that?

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Indeed, I'm not really seeing an issue here. The basic controls are pretty standard, everything else can be customized. This issue will be closed unless some specific problem or suggestion is brought up.

I think it would be good option to have, the ability to fast swap between different control sets. Maybe people can make their own and have several different ones. It's not a bad idea it just need to be thought about

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Btw. wold be good to make user graphic's presets, not only one Custom :)

Yeah that would be good too. for benchmarks and what not.

Variable key/graphics presets can already be handled by creating different player profiles. All in all I'm still not seeing any real request or issue here; closing.