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MP: Heavy Lag > Game Freeze > CTRL-ALT-DEL
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  • Running recommended Alpha, not Dev
  • Happens during all types of Multiplayer
  • Server-size 10 to 40 players; doesn't seem to matter
  • Usually game starts lagging heavily for several minutes before it completely freezes
  • Only way out is to CTRL-ALT-DEL and open Task Manager
  • No need to kill process with Task Manager, tho; Windows recognizes there's been a problem
  • Seems to occur randomly; cannot tie it to anything going on the PC {F18726}


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  • Join any type of MP game (I usually play Coop)
  • I'm usually able to play for at least 10mins and up to 1h
  • Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not
Additional Information

[UPDATE 4] *Seems* fixed for me with 0.54.103957
Details: ~21023

Details: ~20050

Details: ~19617

[UPDATE 1] Didn't realize my nVidia drivers were outdated.
Updated now and will check again.

Dump + DxDiag:

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had same issue although no crash. almost freezes then returns to game, with rainbow filter colors.

alike a RAM freeze. Arma had an update to ease data flow on same issue.

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Confirmed: stack overflow data, fail with utilization...

@Kol9yN: by "stack overflow data", do you mean "memory leak"? There is one memory leak issue reported here (#3443) that is also related to MP and seems to show similar symptoms (progressive loss of framerate). Marking as related for now.

@Drekk: Can you try checking the game's memory usage while playing to see if it increases as the framerate suffers? It would also be good to know what value it hits before the freeze occurs.

Drekk added a comment.Apr 8 2013, 1:39 PM

@MadDogX: Thanks for Feedback!

I'll do random checks on RAM usage and see if I can get data from the freezes. Also, I'll try to monitor the FPS during gameplay. FRAPS seems to lower overall performance somehow, though - even when not capturing, which is impossible for me.

FPS during singeplayer ranges from 40 to 60 (with VSync on). Video settings are custom and inbetween the "High" and "Ultra" settings, I'd say. For multiplayer I switch to "Normal".

(P.S.: How do you link to other issues so nicely?)

Drekk added a comment.Apr 8 2013, 8:16 PM

[UPDATE 2] It happened again:

New dump, DxDiag, FRAPS benchmark, screenshots of video settings:

  • 18 Coop-Players ("AW Invade & Annex"), Ping ~45ms
  • Ca. 30-40mins playtime before freeze
  • Lag occured only for some seconds beforehand
  • Was running through the fields alone. Not much action going on around me

RAM usage:

  • 248 MB on start up in main menu
  • 586 MB after starting playing on server
  • 813 MB after about 20min into the game
  • 817 MB on freeze

FPS started at about 18-20 and went gradually down to 15. Screen froze at 20.

May be related to

Ok, looks to me like this ticket has sufficient info (dumps etc.) to be marked as reviewed. :)

Drekk added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 10:53 AM

Sorry for constantly bumping my own ticket, but I keep running into things that sound awfully familiar:

May be related to

I'm going to try more singeplayer now to see if I can reproduce it there. Do One-Player LAN sessions count as SP or does it have to be one of the Vanilla showcases?

They do sound similar. Relation added.

Feel free to keep posting such things if you find them - linking related tickets can help the devs cross-reference issues, compare crashes etc., potentially speeding up the bug-fixing process. :)

Drekk added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 9:37 PM

Found another possible relation:

I'll edit future issues into this post until someone drops a new note below.

Me and my friends experience "FPS laggs" where our fps drops to .2/s (sometimes game freezes all together) MOST of the time if you wait 1 - 3 mins it comes back but this has happend at very bad times in MP (ambushes driving ect)

Drekk added a comment.Apr 10 2013, 4:31 PM

Guess you're having enough dumps from me now. And while this one might not be as useful (see below) it just happened I had FRAPS recording. So if you can make anything out of my last 3min of gameplay, here you go:

Dump 3:

  • Server had a script kiddie cheating on it some minutes before that video was shot. That may have corrupted clients and/or server
  • Mods installed: @CBA_A3, @deu_bw, @hmm_StanceIndicator, @sthud_a3
  • ca. 16 players on Public Co-Op w/ custom "Invade & Annex"
  • Was just messing around, not paying attention to FPS, RAM usage (or gameplay)
  • Whole session lasted about 45-60min
Drekk added a comment.Apr 16 2013, 2:31 PM

This seems to be gone now with latest stable 0.54.103957 and the Dev before that. I had several sessions without any freezes, although only one lasted more than 60 minutes so far.

Can anyone confirm?

[Edit] Just ran into this: #723