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Please add splash in water
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Hi sorry firstly if this is in the wrong category. but to the main point :D i think it would be very good (as it is an island environment) that you add in splash of water for helicopters and things falling out of the sky (the splash for boats etc is fine :) ). when i shot a helicopter over the water it crashed into the water but when the heli hit the water no impact splash occurred it just went into the water and sunk if you could please fix/add this in that would be great :D


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ok so just put a helicopter in the game (as flying or whatever just needs to be over water when it gets shot down) what i did was shoot it down with an ifrat HMG but how you do it is up to you. just watch the heli fall into the water and no splash will occur.

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(if this has been implemented or is being implemented soon sorry for the trouble).

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There are multiple water splash tickets that cover the issue quite well.