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discarded magazines
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when you reload, it would be cool if you see the soldier or unit drop the mag on the floor

this would add a huge amount of realism.


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why would this be downvoted???
in real life you dont see a soldier make his magazine vanish do you.

It would be more realistic seeing the soldier letting the mag hit the floor only if it's totally empty: if it is not, the arma engines puts it back in the inventory with the amount of ammo remaining...

Nice idea, but real life soldiers do not just drop their magzine every where. so personal i belive it will not need to be in the game.
Its a hollywood/battlefield fps shooter idea.
Soldiers only do this in very special situations.

It is very unrealistic, since you never know when you need your gear again.
Also a magazine is not just a drop and forget thing. In many armys it is considered as a kind of weapon part that the soldier especially in peace time will be held responsible for if he/she loose it. Also it might be nice to be able to fill it again when you have a short break from battle, you might not want to go and look for something but rather stay near your friends. ;-)

Im aware that some armys see a magazine as a use and throw away thing, and it is quite commond in some armys to throw magazines in the trash on the shooting range, while in other armys you need to give it back to the responsible weapons officer in the base that will dispose of it correctly ect.

And now that im talking about hollywood/fps games, it is not always a good idea to pickup magaines you find on the ground or on the enemy. They can in rare cases be boobytrapped with a mine/grenade, OR example a ak47 looking magazine actual are masse produced with explosives inside and are put on the battlefield on purpose.. The reason is that once someone pick it up and fire 1 shot or harvest the bullets, then the bomb inside the magazine will detonate and kill that person. These magazines can examble be found in the balkans/kosovo/bosnia, and they are rather difficult to see if it is a real or fake magazine... The same goes with hand grenades, you only need to adjust the metal trigger a bit on some hand grenades, and then the grenade will explode in 0.1 secound instead of example 5sec...
But all of that is a very long story.
what can i say humans have a very special talent for killing. Many soldiers are eager to see som action, but once they do many wish they never experienced it.

Soldiers don't tend to throw away empty magazines unless they need to reload in a real hurry. And even then, they'd usually collect them afterwards.

Exactly, you have a Mag Dump Bag...Christ alive we spend enough Taxpayer money without discarding perfectly servicable albeit Empty Magazines.

I used to have to carry a 200 round SAW Belt, despite not having a SAW this was for two reasons.

  1. To give to a SAW Gunner.
  2. If we got into a long firefight, or defensive, or a lull in the fighting I could break down the Belt and recharge Magazines I used. (Invariably several members of a Platoon would work on this in a FOB, as the guys on the walls kept up the rate of fire).

Please see my Ammunition Redistribution Suggestion for what I believe is a better idea.

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