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Creating an immersive feeling to the game
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I have been a fan of Arma for quite a few years and very excited about Arma 3.

The only thing that I felt was missing was the ability to generate a dynamic campaign/missions.
For example, there was never any response to actions (ie. attacking a base never caused a CAS patrol to get launched in response from the local enamy air base in response to my attack).

I actually just discovered Enemy Engaged Comanche vs Hokum (EECH) and I was a big fan of Gunship when it was released.

The thing I wanted to point out was that EECH has a reactive Dynamic campaign/mission generator, and the games source code was released to the community for moddng.

My query is - Why dont Bohemia Interactive get the code and use it to generate a bohemia dynamic battlefield?
It would immediately immerse the player into a living battlefield with other AI units performing their own missions/objectives..
It could also be used to generate dynamic campaigns, and if the EECH guys have already got the programming framework then it should be alot easier to implement rght?


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the idea is not bad but i think the prioity should set lower cuz its just feature and not a critical problem in game

agreed, highest priority a feature should have is normal.

However this doesnt seem to be a feature that can be added later into the game without working perfectly, seems like something that needs to be at the core of the package, and might be a little too late to add now.

Sounds great for sure, I will vote up since this could improve AI perhaps, and god knows, arma can do with improved AI. But not holding high hopes for A3.

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