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Door Portals incorrectly hiding objects that should be visible
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Not sure if this is with every door ingame but at least the ones in Girna if you move around a doorway (with the door open), some objects disappear that you should be able to see.

See the screenshots. In the first screenshot many of the hill objects have disappeared, if I edge forward slightly as shown in the second screenshot they are rendered suddenly, you can also see an enemy is included in the objects hidden.

This is game breaking and puts those taking cover in houses at an extreme disadvantage. {F18704} {F18705}


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Go to Girna and fight out of the buildings, looking out of doorways and watching objects in the distance.

Additional Information

Other buildings affected:

House 3 (small inhabited) - front & back doors
House 1 (small inhabited) v2 - front & back doors
House 1 (big inhabited) - front door
Shop 2 (inhabited) - shop front
House 2 (big inhabited) - back door

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Yeah, this is really annoying!

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Should note that this problem happens with more than just the building in the picture. Updated the ticket with this info.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.