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Being able to disable the ammo counter (details inside)
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I think there should be an option to deactivate the ammo counter in the HUD!
Instead players would have to count their shots or visually inspect their magazines to determine their ammo count.

The basic suggestion is just removing the text displaying how much ammunition remains in your current magazine from the HUD.

Instead players would have to count their shots and visually inspect their magazine to determine their ammo remaining. An example of how this would be done is that holding a key would temporarily unload the magazine from the weapon and hold it in the player’s vision allowing him to determine how much ammo remains in the magazine or displaying some visual element such as an exact number or inexact bar once this is done to aid in quickly being able to determining the approximate amount at a glance.
As a suggestion holding “R” could temporarily unload your magazine and have you inspect it while the key is pressed but since ArmA currently doesn’t support binding holding a letter to a command it could be just about any command really unless this kind of support is added. Other examples could be double-tapping R (currently also does not work well as this reloads the weapon) or Ctrl+R. It should naturally also be able to be toggled using another keybind should players wish so.

It could be taken even further by also removing the numbers indicating how many spare magazines and grenades players have, possibly only beyond their first one so players would always know if they have spares and just not how many, in which case players would have to check their gear in order to determine exact amounts. And finally the HUD simplification could go even further by even removing the weapon name, ammo name, firing mode, zeroing distance and grenade type by having these only be visible in the gear menu, directly on the weapon or in the most important case of grenades perhaps by your character briefly holding up the grenade to his face each time you toggle grenade types or by a minimalist visual indicator. Something similar.

Note that this should be an option and not mandatory! It could be toggled just like third-person view and many other options though if player support for this being mandatory on Elite difficulty I would think that sounds most appropriate.


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Add an option in the difficulty settings to remove the digit indicating amount of ammo in current magazine from magazine.

Extended suggestions include also removing several other elements from the top right HUD as detailed above. Finally if other players agree I would personally like to see this as mandatory on Elite difficulty and Elite difficulty only.

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I'm aware that there's already 1 request up for removing the ammo counter but this suggestion is substantially more detailed.

A discussion thread created here:

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Wold be good if game level is Expert, or make it optional in difficulty settings!

No need for a "check mag" command. It's enough to open the inventory and see how many mags you have, along with a "fill meter" next to each one of them.

I agree with removing ammo counter, but I'd like to retain selected fire mode or zeroing information - unless I can see them on weapon's model itself. I'd like to remove "mag empty - reload" icon as well, a click from an empty rifle is enough.

Disabling the HUD entirely doesn't solve playing with AI subordinates, when I prefer to have some more tactical information at hand, to make up for their, not always the brightest, decisions and actions.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I agree the empty mag icon is a bit unimmersive but I also think there has to be a check mag command. Going into the inventory is a lot more work, I think it makes you change your stance and it doesn't give you an exact number which I think can be seen by inspection so to say.

Opening the inventory doesn't change your stance and it takes 3.4s to check out how much is your loaded mag "filled" with ammunition. Time was measured from combat ready, through opening the inventory, till I was again combat ready.

Even with polymer see through mags, I'm doubtful, that anyone would be actually conting the bullets. One look at the general state and change or not. Also there are mags without even a small inspection window and then you can only approximate the amount of bullets remaining by their weight.

ACE does this quite perfectly since ArmA1. You check it by weight with a mag-check key. Also on more modern transparent magazines, or magazines with transparent windows, you could see by your own eyes how much shots are left.

Still i think such a feature should be a difficulty option - but i very welcome it since its HIGHLY unrealistic and a leftover from Arcade-Shooters.

As Christian K wrote. When you have Arma 2 in a realistic setup with ACE, inventory/ammo awareness becomes a part of the gameplay. Just as it would be in a real life situation.

A simple solution would be using CTRL+R which gives a simple hint with 'empty' (0-3), 'used' (3-27) or 'full' (28-30), depending on the amount of rounds left (examples based on 30 rounds mag).

Already present in difficulty options.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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