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Step-Over onto exploded Military Cargo HQ platform causes player to walk through floor and flips forward and backward movement.
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I blew up a Military Cargo HQ V1 and wanted to step up on it from a side with no ramp. I figured step over would account for the platform since it is not above animation level. However, upon performing 'Step over' my player stepped into the platform rather than onto it.

This action causes the movement keys 'W' & 'S' to become flipped. and the only way to get out is to either keep stepping over to the edge or walk forward(which moves you backwards). Then once past the edge of the platform use 'S' which once past the edge of the platform once again becomes walk backwards. Alternatively, you can go prone and move as normal.


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Blow up a building I used "Military Cargo HQ V1" in Camp Tempest (may work on others). use 'Step Over' on an area of the building with no ramp.

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Using game version 0.53.103754

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