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(Graphical tweak) Vehicle physics isnt very realistic (maybe add visual damage?)
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In my oppinion the vehicle physics need to be tweaked, they seem arcade-ish. and there really needs to be visual vehicle damage added to the game. if you guys want this game to be as realistic as possible, we need vehicle damage, that would add an amazing amount of realism to the game. it doesnt need to be rediculous. take just cause 2 or gta4 vehicle damage for example. i know there is some visual damage, but there needs to be shape changing damage. when you crash a car it should be dented or smashed up.


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crash a car. the car looks brand new exept for some scratches here and there.

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add this please

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Vertex deformation & Soft body

Just tell to us please, its planed?
damage deformation can be "pre-baked" by PhysX, or make it as buildings destruction damage :)

Too bad it isn't possible to run all the things at the same time on 270 square km island. I really hope that all of those crazy awesome ideas will be possible in ArmA 4 on much better-fitted multi-core-threading GPU efficient RV engine.