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Airplane systems
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Helicopters have systems which can be individually damaged in combat and decisively affect their characteristics and performance. In ArmA 2 airplanes didn't get these systems, the only thing they have is "Hull" which basically functions like a health bar. Pilots are able to fly airplanes without much of a worry for their aircraft's safety. I suggest implementing those systems into airplanes. Make it possible to have engine failures, weapon failures, and/or other possible malfunctions.


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This and hopefully a better flight model than in Arma 2^^

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It would be very neat to have more detailed damage values for the jets too, they were quite OP in A2 because they were completely functional in practice even if they had only 1 HP left.

This game is a simulator, there is no "overpowered or underpowered" more realism is good.

"This game is a simulator, there is no "overpowered or underpowered" more realism is good."

Exactly! People think of this as Battlefield, but it's not! It's arma, and arma is a game when you see a tank, you know you're screwed!

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The point i was trying to get across when i opened this issue is to make the airplanes more realistic, not because it's overpowered or underpowered.

Watching the live stream, the airplanes are pretty much unchanged, no systems, the only thing on there is the hull, predating to OFP, which functions like just a health bar. Is this even being worked on or it's another "we're cutting it until ArmA 4"?

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I find it stupid how the tiny quadrotor has 5 hitpoints, but the jet thas just 1.

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RotorLib allows to get one engine failure, that means AFM for everyone, don't say you can't fly helicopter with AFM, you should then try some infantry combat, because there is no helicopters without AFM, it's just gta then.