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Spotting, support, medic requests overlay command controls similar to BF2
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Is it me or are requests for ammo, support and medic too complicated to perform, numbers all over the place.

A suggestion would be to implement something similar to what was available in battlefield 2. This can be seen on the screenshot attached. Its as easy as pointing at the targets (if necessary) and holding a button pressed and while pressed the overlay menu pops up then all that is left is to slide the mouse in the direction of desired request and click.

An even better solution would be to have different/additional commands if using binoculars or in a vehicle. {F18687}


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More or less, this is what the Mousewheel menu does. Point at an Enemy and say engage and your mates should attack. I like the way its done in BF2 and partly BF3, but these features are in ArmA, but they arent so easy to access. But they havent, ArmA is played much more slowly, if you play with humans you can use the Voice chat.
An advantage of these communication systems is that different languages doesnt matter..

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