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AI accuracy is incredible
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I know it's only AI and it has disadvantages, but once they see and engage you there's no way to survive. Even while standing any AI soldier can just snipe you at high range with very few shots. Their accuracy should be decreased to better fit what an average player can shoot like.


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As a temporary fix until the server and slider's work again, accuracy can be changed by adding:

_x setSkill ["aimingAccuracy", 0.2]} forEach allUnits;

To a missions Init.sqf, where the units accuracy can be between 0.1 and 1, 0.2-0.4 is usually pretty good.

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Yet up close they can't hit you, I've stood still and a unit has unloaded several clips without hitting the target.

I think this is not too bad in more recent versions, is it?

To my knowledge the AI skill sliders and setting the AI via the .arma3alphaprofile on a deticated server is ignored.

Uh. You can decrease the AI accuracy for each difficulty level in your arma3alphaprofile. It's a client/server side setting. It goes based off the profile of the mission host:

go to: my documents>ArmA 3 Alpha>your profile name>yourprofilename.arma3alphaprofile

Open that profile with notepad. Scroll down to where you see the entries for all 4 difficulty levels and find the AIaccuracy settings. They'll look like this:


Change the precisionEnemy to your desired enemy precision. You can and should change it for all 4 difficulty levels. 20%, or .2 as shown above, has proven over time to be the most widely accepted balance between challenge and gameplay. You can experiment with it as you desire(I encourage this, so you know what you're doing and how it works), but even going from 20 to 30% makes a big, noticeable difference.



I've already discussed this with Dwarden, the game ignores the values set in the profile file.

Thanks for the info, dupe of #3883 then.