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Suddenly there is constant stuttering until game is restarted (videos!) (Updated June, Beta)
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A couple of times I've had the game all of a sudden begin stuttering a lot and it seems to persist until I restart ArmA from scratch.

It has happened three times: just when about to finish Showcase: Infantry, one time I don't remember quite how and finally just now as I was playing around on the same showcase and alt+tabbing and changing keybindings a lot but I would assume this happens more or less at random.

Video with stuttering:
It's hard to see the stuttering perhaps but notice the framerate meter dipping from 40 to 20 and in other areas even dips down to 10-15 simply from turning around. When not turning around there is no issue whatsoever so it seems to be directly turning or possibly rendering related.


Compare with this video after restarting the entire game, without stuttering:
See how smooth turning is by comparison?

My specs are:
Win 7 32-bit
GTX 560 Ti Hawk
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.84 Ghz
So it’s a pretty standard gaming setup save for the somewhat weaker processor.

I’ve had this happen in several versions of the Alpha.


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Unknown. It seems to start randomly when having played for a while but once it happens I've tried restarting the map and the issue still persists but restarting the entire game solves it.

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NEW JUNE 2013 BETA: (25 secs) (15 secs)

Issue unexpectedly happened again just as described before.
In the second video I quit to the menu and much to my surprise the issue persisted and appears to be related to mouse movement rather than turning and rendering which was my original assumption!

Seems like a very rare issue regardless and is solved by restarting the game entirely.
In 100 hours of gameplay I have only had it happen a total of 3 times.

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Happens basically immediately in MP !

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Do you have still this issue in actual version?

I think this issue may be solved.
It was a rare occurence to begin with but I've played the game for probably about ten hours recently and not noticed anything.

Issue happened again!
Added two more videos.

It seems to be related to mouse movement?

See Additional Information.

And again, while changing settings a lot.

Aaand again. This time while just playing and not changing any settings or switching in and out of the game. Nothing strange with the CPU usage, memory usage, gpu temp… not sure about other temperatures. Didn’t log all the temps.

No clues as to what the cause could be. Everything is updated and all.

Old issue and very individual issue. Create a new ticket if it still happens or try asking in the BI forums.