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MP Edit saves fail when opting in and out of DEV version
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I lost 4 days of editing due to this .. :( ... so now I save a copy of my mission regularly in a completely different folder so I my revert if necessary.

Create a mp 'new editor' mission in the none dev version. Edit it and save it & export it to MP missions on LAN mp... all is ok... any changes you make are saved correctly and mission runs ok.

Now update to the Dev version of the game. Open the previous mission in the MP editor ...edit it and save it .... sometimes it doesn't save ... but sometimes it DOES ! When it has saved you will find that the mission is corrupted and when played will act erratically triggers not working for instance.

Now When you try to save the mission as user save, single player or export to mp missions you get an error message failed to save. Effectively your mission is now corrupted.

If you revert back to the non dev version your mission is still corrupted and still will not save.

I guess the problem here is that if you create a mission in the non dev version and the try to either edit or play it in the dev version the games engine should not allow you to do this ... sometimes it doesn't .... but importantly sometimes it does ... and when it does it corrupts the mission.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a mp mission using 'new editor' in non dev version and save it and export it to mpmissions. Play it and edit it as much as you like with no problems.
  1. Update to the dev version. Select edit the mission in mp. Make a change and save & export to mp missions, if it doesn't allow you to do this keep trying till it does.
  1. Now try playing and re-editing in mp ... it may make the mission act erratically and when you try to re edit it you can ... but when you come to save you get the save failed warning.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.