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Game occasionally goes black when alt+tabbing out and into the game
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A couple of times when alt+tabbing out of the game and then going into the game again the entire screen sometimes (rarely) goes entirely black. Curiously this sometimes take a second or so before it happens. The game appears to be running normally and the only problem seems to be that absolutely the entire screen is 100% black but if I remember correctly I was still able to play and pause the game even though everything was black.

It can be worked around by alt+tabbing out and into the game a couple more times.


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Alt+tab out of the game and into the game a few times with another program open and it may eventually occur.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. We do this on several computers hundred times a day and we never saw this problem before. Try to download latest drivers for you graphic card.

I'm using a GTX 560. I'm pretty sure I heard someone say it was related to the graphics card a while back in which case drivers may solve the problem because I don't think I've been running the latest at all times.

Old issue. Create a new ticket if it still happens.