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Extended armor should be disabled in multiplayer
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I played wasteland yesterday and found out that I shot two or three times on a guy in the HEAD crouching without dying. And no it's not the helmet, you can even shoot someone in the face two times and still survive. I have proof of this too, tried this on the editor myself and it takes max 3 shot in the head before a player dies. This is quite annoying and shows how weak pistols are. A gunshot in the head would kill instantly and must be fixed.
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Spawn some units (Enemy or not) in regular/veteran and shoot with your pistol at the units head.

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This happens always as I have seen it.

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This is tied to another severe problem. BLUFOR take 2 shots with rifle and OPFOR take 1, even when naked. This needs to be fixed.

Cannot reproduce. One pistol bullet to the head kills, no matter where you hit. Seems like you have extended armor enabled (doubles health for you and friendly units) in your difficulty settings. Test again against enemy units and at higher difficulty.

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Hmm, this extended armor is quite annoying since it's on the servers.
Maybe the extended armor should be disabled on the server since it's quite annoying that even a rifle doesn't one hit? I didn't know about this option before now and I don't suggest putting the servers difficulty on Elite since the Al's would be powerful.
By the way I was behind a player sniping, I shot him two times in the head and stopped because that is supposed to be instakill. He ran away and later on I got killed by that guy.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Extended armor (damage reduction for player and the members of his group) will be limited to Recruit in the upcoming dev branch update. Other presets have the option disabled and not changeable.