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custom face maker
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The ability to be able to customize face with more modular options, instead of choosing an already predefined layout, give us options of hairstyles (short, long, styled, shaved), and facial hair (beards, moustaches, goaty etc), facepaint, scars, moles, red cheeks, and other small details.

I am not asking to go and make all of those for final release, but to make the foundation within arma to do that, and BIS can make a small amount of basics true to military standards, but with that ability the community can just make all extra details and styles to better customize our playable avatars to better resemble ourselves, or an alternate version of themselves.

This should be available via a customization window in player setup, and should be easy for anyone to customize their own, close to real faces without having much texturing skills. make custom faces more personalized without having to download an entire face package. Personally, I would like a lot of options to be native in the final version so that everyone has access to it without having to download a mod and keep it up to date, but again, the ability for the community to create and share these will be awesome.

Also, this should probably be much more effiecent way to do custom faces instead of having to download an entire face package for every player that has a custom face, since it is all natively in the game, and also can be reused among different players.

I only request this as an option for diversity in looks so that everyone can feel like, "hey, I am in ArmA, and I can play with myself" (meant in the best of intentions ofcourse)

I am sure this shouldn't be too much of a big deal, I assume. But of course, low priority, so at your own leisure. {F18672}


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I guess in a way this relates to ticket but I created a new ticket because i wanted to emphasize ease of accessabilty to do custom faces modularly without the need of modding and texturing skills for those who just play the game.

Also, BIS could possibly use the time from now till final release to have the community create the initial database of facial details, since this will really only benefit the community, I think it should be fine to let us create our beards, and staches, and hairstyles that will be submitted for approval to be available in the final product for everyone to use, perhaps as a bonus, to those members whose creations do get approved and accepted, put in a great thanks and their names into the credits?

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Maybe not a complex system like in Skyrim or similar games but would definitively love to be able to choose my face from a predefined set and then customize hair style and beard (TIER1 tactical beard) :D

lol no, i dont mean something as in depth as skyrim to change details like nose, jaw, eyes hight, width etc. That would most likely be too much effort and never see the light of day for A3.

Just your basic asian, caucasian, black, etc profile, and layer on the details from there add a beard, a mullet, mole (beauty spot) on your left cheeck, some face paint. Just add these details much like you can add glasses or shades already.

Also change hair colour, maybe change skin tone and complexion and voila.

Note this is nothing what I look like, was just a random example, but you get my point, if I do have a beard and a mullet and a beauty spot, then this would very closely resemble me, as opposed to a generic face.

Wulc added a comment.Apr 5 2013, 1:30 PM

jep a smal SIMS editor for character
yeah this is this, what this game need, this is perfect and i love beards

Helari added a subscriber: Helari.May 7 2016, 1:25 PM
Helari added a comment.Apr 5 2013, 1:50 PM

The engine probably doesn't have the capability to morph faces ala Sims or Skyrim, simply because it is very unnecessary besides being just a gimmick.

Gimmicks are fun though and I'd like it very much to be able to choose from a selection of 3d hairs and facial hairs to slap onto my head model of choice.

I'd love to have a face customizer! It makes games more fun, when you can make a face close to your own! And it would make the models less stale or generic.

Wulc added a comment.Apr 5 2013, 9:22 PM

but better is too custumize the body like tall-small or thick-thin, muscles etc.... i want that whenn i see to my soldier i say hey, it´s me.

Triada added a subscriber: Triada.May 7 2016, 1:25 PM
Triada added a comment.Apr 6 2013, 3:49 PM

Great idea! Voted up!

Wulc, problem with that is, it wouldnt be very uhm "normal" without affecting a persons fitness, stamina and other physical traits. Imagine laracraft in all her flexibilty if she was fat? Get my point?

So they would have to change physical traits to accomodate the physique, If thats the case, everyone will be shorter and skinnier to be a harder target to shoot, and fitter to be faster and longer sprint time. With that in mind, everyone will then have the same physique again, which basically brings us to where we are right now, everyone is equal.

Just some facial changes would be nice to accomodate a more personlized look to feel more like ourselves is enough.

bez added a comment.Jul 7 2013, 3:33 PM

That would be awesome!!!

I also suggest a feature that will compliment this ticket, check it out:

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 1:25 PM
AD2001 added a comment.Jul 7 2013, 3:38 PM

But then somebody could make a face with a 5 cm wide nose and 1 mm wide eyes.

bez added a comment.Jul 7 2013, 3:44 PM

@AD2001, you would probably have limits to how far you can go,
so it's not such a problem really.

It can all be solved, BI just need to be willing to do it.

No AD2001, not that level of customization. Just basics, no need to customize every detail, just the basic features.

AD2001 You mean Saints row custom shizl? Hell no :P
regarding this post this is actually somthing interesting. Instad of having to look at the same lauzy faces all the time you have different faces all the time :P would make for realism. Upvoted