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AI Squad Members Walk Off Pier
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I closely walked past the airfields pier with my AI squad crouched in Vee formation and aware, Stoped at the middle of the dock, turned around and watched one of my men tactially walk right off the pier into the water. I have not tryed with any other behaviors, stances or formations but im assuming its going to probably be the same. Reproduced it the first time I tryed.


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Have a team of 8 START at the airfield. Put your team into 8,6 Vee formation. Then 7,7 team crouch, 7,3 team stay alert and walk to the pier and when a team member on the outside of formation walks to his place in formation he dunks himself, and I already reported another bug about the dock ladders out of water not working. i put the numbers cus in my game atleast most of the command lists are empty i had to go off memory.

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