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No official human jump action ever implemented.
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Having read tickets 0005241 0005217 0005856
I suggest:
Keep "V" action,
Add a classic jump move.
Reason: I think, in a high-realism game, we should at least be able to perform usual-basic moves as in real life, one of which is jumping.Simple.


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Voted down then changed my mind. This must not be possible during combat as it will see us end up with ppl unrealistically jumping around to avoid getting shot, similar to what occurs in other non simulation run and gun first person shooters.

@response to tOBdavian: Maybe fatigue system can effectively discourage such a behaviour. Also encumbrance should be kept in mind.And if exhausted, not able to jump at all.

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you can also dance like a twirp in real life, you don't see any soldiers doing that in combat now do you?

stupid argument.

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Duplicate of #5241

"Having read tickets 0005241 0005217 0005856"

Then why the hell did you open a new issue report ?!?!?!
Upvote the existing one/ones


@ceeeb @Kid18120
This new ticket suggest keeping "v" action while adding jump action.
@johncage dance like a twirp in real life is not a usual-basic move in real life.Also, I believe soldiers need to jump from time to time...

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