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exploding impact on water
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I have searched and found nothing on the impact on water with bullets like this, so I dont know how many people happen to randomly fire shots at water, but the particle effect no longers looks like it use to compared to what i rememmber when I first got the alpha, i wouldnt say it's an improvement.

basically the particle effect remains a constant size, no metter the range.

see the screenshots, i shot at the water at different ranges, and you can see, even from a primary weapon, the water looks like it explodes at a distance. this can be replicated with any non explosive weapon so far. I really dont remember it looking this way before.

the second pic is a much clearer example, through the scope is at a distance of just 3km, look at that impact from a single bullet! {F18645} {F18646}


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aim at water and shoot, try different ranges.

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the screenshot shows I am on UTES map, however this isn't related to the issue, as I first noticed it on stratis map, I only recenlty started playing around with importing A2 maps into A3 for the fun of it.

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lol. never noticed that before. that needs to be fixed

this ticket can be closed, i have noticed recently that this no longer is an issue, all looks good again =)

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Issue was looked into and fixed/tweaked as designed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help community and developers to build better game

for all.

Should be fixed in version 105065.