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Covering system within a vehicle.
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I have thought about this one alot given some of the circumstances I have encountered, and I believe it this can be practical in use. The ability to duck for cover while inside a vehicle. (depending on the vehicle as well)

The reason for this is when in a vehicle you are pretty vulnrable since you can't move, especially to any gunfire, and since people are more likely to aim for the player in the vehicle. You the player are pretty much a sitting duck.

Natural reaction to gunfire when in a vehicle is to duck for cover (lie down towards to oposite seat), that is if you aren't dead already, but repeated gunfire at the driver seat will pretty much ensure you are dead in seconds without a chance.

My suggestion is to map the prone button (default = Z) to duck for cover. So an example is, if you are in the driver seat, and you duck, you would lie down flat towards the passenger seat, and likewise if you are in the passenger seat, you will lie down flat to the driver seat. You could use this method with all seats, but limited to certain vehicles though as it would make no sense in helicopters, or in the back of transport trucks etc.

This will feel natural and instinctive since it is pretty much natural to do so in reality, but also in arma when under fire, instinctively we would prone... so the Z key would be ideal.

Now also, I would like to suggest a second feature, I will post a seperate ticket for this here , but the reason for adding it here is because it is related. MadDog can remove this if he feels it is not required.

I would like to request getting out the vehicle safely without revealing myself.

as an example, if I am under fire from the drivers side, I want to get out the vehicle from the passengers side.

This can be achieved in combitnation of above mentioned ducking within the vehicle feature. If I the driver sits up normally, I would get out normally by the drivers side door. However, If I am under fire from the drivers side and I duck, leaning towards the passenger seat and then exit the vehicle, I would get out the vehicle on the passengers side.

This way when under fire, and the vehicle is disabled, we can at least get out safely on the opposite side and use the car as effective cover.


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Just use the prone key (default = z) to lean.

see ticket for more info

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I think a duck in vehicles would be great. Don't think it would be too hard to include, but it needs work through animations.

Yeah probably will need some additional animation for ducking down, but I dont think a simple animation to lean down would be a major pain in the arse. But hey, great feature, especially in conjunction with getting out the vehicle safely on the opposite side.

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Naturally, in 1st person view you wouldn't see where you are driving without peeking out again, so that works just fine.

However, if 3rd person view is enabled, you are probably gonna see quite a lot of vehicle drivers magically controlling their vehicles with their heads up their arses as they hold the cover key 24/7.

It might be good idea to add some sort of negative aspect for taking cover if in 3rd person view. Not sure how to balance it out in a good way, make steering the vehicle more random or harder?

I agree, I thought driving would be disabled? No point being able to drive while ducking. Besides that would make for an awkward position, and yes people will exploit it as you mentioned.

I say just completely disable steering, or driver can maybe still accelerate and brake, but no steering left or right. Thats enough of a negative effect.

I agree too during a shootout, able to do ducking in 1st person view we only can see the vehicle interior and move head around and see the windshield breaking for a greater immersion feature.

A 3rd person view... I dont use that any way

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Duplicate of #1785.