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Charging handle returns too slowly after reload
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This is not a big issue but I think this could be done better.
As you see when we reload the gun the bolt seems to be slow.
Especially when reloading the EBR or MX weapons.
When you reload the gun the bolt slowly goes forward.
As I said this is not a big issue but I would like this to change.
It feels like you are lagging which annoys me and most of us players.


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Making the gun animation go faster.

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I understand there is a lot more important to do but this is just something they could be better in. This happens as well on pistols too.

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I believe the term you're looking for is the "bolt."

I do agree though, the bolt goes forward way too slowly, it should basically slam to the front.

Almost confused this with a gameplay issue.

Yeah, the bolt closes too slowly on those rifles.

When the gun is empty, the bolt locks back, but when hitting reload it snaps forward and slowly sneaks to the back while the magazine is already out, at least on the MX.

Minor but visually annoying issue.

I've changed the title to be a bit more descriptive issue at hand, ok with you?

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It's alright for me, wasn't sure how the title was going to be named.

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This is a duplicate of mine.

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