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Error when you Drag team mates, turn invisible and you get stuck
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When a team mates is down, you drag him away from the firezone, his charactere apparently disapear leaving you draging something invisible ... As it was not a close friend of mine I don,t know if he just respawned and cause that bug but once the soldier disapear you are stuck in that drag mode ... it happen twice in the same way and not with the same player ... once i was even able to carry on my shoulder the invisble body ... but the sad fact is that you are stuck in this position not able to put the invisble man down to get back in action ... you can just respawn and try to come back to you squad in time....


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Go to one of your team mates injured body (lie on the ground undable to move)
  • Action button to drag
  • Drag him around
  • I believe that he respawned so his body disapear
  • You are now stuck in this position
  • This happened also while carrying on shoulder
Additional Information

Might be only on player respawn while dragging, the player I met did not respond on my question about this situation

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This is not ArmA3's fault.
Revive script is a custom made script. Any bug should be fixed by its own developer.


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As Kid said. Please only report issues inherent to Arma3.

Everything else needs to be taken up with the content creator.