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New function to remove building's interior objects (floors specified)
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Most of enterable buildings or structures overall in Arma games had interior objects (tables, cabines, etc.). They added for the immersion and combat, but sometimes a mission designer wants to remove interiors because they doesn't fit to the idea, setting, events, etc.

*I suggest to add a new function to Arma3's library - removal of building's interior on selected floors. I understand that it may take more effort to produce accurately (giving parameters of floor numbers, etc), but, as outlined many times at BIF, Arma is a platform by itself, offering flexibility, diversity and opportunity.

A function like [ code example [Building'sID,[floorArray(enter 1 value - [] not needed. Or all - for faster coding)] ] call BIS_fnc_removeInterior.

*Assuming that most/all buildings in Arma 3 Final will have proper interiors.


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