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My character became impossible to control
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I don't know how it came but suddenly, when I was playing, my character began to run and I couldn't do anything.

I think somebody was controlling it, my character wasn't just doing some random moves like if it was a error or just the lag, he was running like a normal player and then he jumped of a hill to kill himself.

Unfortunately I was not recording at this moment so I have no proofs of what I'm speaking about, but that's a real issue.

Sorry for my english...


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So was this in multiplayer? What exactly did your character do? Did you retain some small level of control, or were you completely locked out?

Yeah it was in multiplayer. I was locked out, I couldn't do anything, I was not even able to move the camera.

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Might have ben a cheater, even though I don't actually know how to script something like this. This has happened once before in an arma 2 game.

Ok, thanks for your answers !

I noticed this and figured it out (so I think) when you are running and hit the optics view button it locks your player running or doing what ever you were doing at that time and the only thing that will stop him is the hurdle or climb button.

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I remember that the uncontrolled running happened sometimes in Domination in ArmA 2 as well after you respawn, only opening the map could get you out of the running limbo then.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

Nope, like a moderator said, I think it was a hacker.