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Hard Language Filter
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While playing the helicopter showcase, I was alerted to the fact the they drop the word f*, and assuming that they will use other offensive language, I feel that a hard language filter could be added. Not to filter out all the words necessarily, just some of the slightly more offensive words like F*, S*,B**, etc. I realize it's a war game and that cursing happens in real life, I just feel that it doesn't really add anything to the game, it's unnecessary. I'm pretty sure that there's some other people out there who feel the same way I do. Thanks for your consideration. The game however is superb.


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  1. This game is as you said, a war game and hell they should swear all the time!
  2. This game is rated pegi 16+, so what you expect?
  3. How do you want to filter it in multiplayer, the main aspect of Arma?

There should be an way to create an Word Filter as an MOD and not necessarily as feature in an War Game. You can do this by creating an file that's looking on all the chat's then (Not real code just to example a bit) just like this:

if %p1% sidechat contain %word% echo javascript:alert('Watch you're language.');

%word% = Ducking Bell

Be warned I know a small bit of Java and a bit of PHP etc. But this is not an actual code. And possible not even working.. Any how %p1% is equal to the player. %word% is the words the script is searching on (NOT ACTUAL CODE). And so on.. If you publish it people who WANT'S it should download it and install on there servers. :-)

If you are too sensitive for hearing "bad words", you don't need to be exposed to the killing of other humans.

All of the cursing I've heard in this game is properly placed. It's not in every statement and is generally only used to convey a sense of urgency.

As far as applying player filters, I don't see it as necessary, as most players will be using microphones and voice filters would be impractical.

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