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AI need to focus on shooting Choppers not all be HERO HEADSHOTTERS
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For once i'd like to have my tail rotor or something shot out of my chopper.. Not always headshot by 100 AI "ace" snipers who can snipe me with rifles from 600-1500 meters in one shot 100% of the time...


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fly over enemies with a light chopper

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Chopper Game is pretty snore bore as is.. Light choppers with machine guns are worthless... Cant hover to try and actually see anything.. As you will die instantly at range where impossible to see anything (visibility from choppers is becoming a serious design flaw) Chopper Machine guns can't kill nothing.. even with the cross hair dead on target. bullets bounce all around infantry.. who just sit there shooting back and winning.. at long range even distances..
Can sit there spamming 1000's of rounds and hit nothing.

As for vision.. another flaw.. If your 100 meters away you can finally see infantry, but you cant shoot at this range/speed.. as when you turn around they have all moved, so same problem over and over.. cant see these little dots.. scout choppers needs way more ZOOM!!!

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Voted up for the enemies headshotting me from 600+ meters _repeatedly while flying_.
As for the other aspect:
I haven't had the honor of firing chopper weaponry at enemies yet, but will try.
And the handling; practice makes perfect.
So please, in the future: Make separate tickets out of separate issues!

agree, no AI try to shot the heli down

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I total agree, also the AI has the ability is see and shoot accurately beyond visual range.

I set the fog to max, placed the AI 1000m away and i flew the attack heli straight up to 100m auto-hovered and fired rockets in the AIs direction and watched as the AI would "snipe" me out after seeing 2-3 tracer rounds fly past my little bird. The AI could not see my heli and I could not see the AI yet they were able to accurately locate, engage and kill me within a min.

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bis' mistaken notion that super aim makes the ai more realistics

ai hacks, didn't you know?

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