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No gunfire sounds In SP + MP
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I have seen posts saying how they can't hear sounds after dying in mp, but since day 1, the first time I loaded anything on ArmA 3 (Infantry Showcase), I have had no gunfire sounds. I can hear other peoples guns, and hear my empty bullet casings hitting the ground, but no gunfire sound. This renders the game pretty much unplayable for me, since I just can't play it without hearing the shots, it just feels weird. I have uninstalled the game twice and made sure all setting where default, tried different headsets, and still no gunshot sounds.


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I seem to have the same issue, As I have bought a new computer and re downloaded arma 3 but now i have no gun sounds from the main player as a unit or gunner in boat or helicopter apart from that the game runs fine specs are intel I7 nvida 2gb graphics 16gb ram and running windows 8 ...

I had this problem temporarily a few times but fixed itself when reloading a mission. Haven't been able to recreate.

I have had this issue since Day 1 as well. Makes the game almost unplayable could really use a fix. Thought Beta would do it but nope. All drivers up to date, have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail, deleted save files and preferences. Please help...

AMD FX-6300, ASUS M5A97 R2.0, SAPPHIRE 7870 XT

Edit: I was able to fix the issue by jumping through a lot of hoops. But the issue is with my USB wireless headset. Doesn't make sense that it would transmit every sound but my personal gunfire but I am now using the headset jack from my monitors speakers.

Thanks for the feedback.