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Multiple sensitivity sliders
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I would like to see multiple options for sensitivities with the mouse/gamepad where applicable.
For example a generic sensitivity slider for all units that sets a base value and then other sensitivities are set around this, such as different sensitivity for when aiming down the scope of a gun, not aiming down the scope, in a vehicle, in a helicopter etc so that you can truly be accurate without having to change the sensitivities in transition between options.


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I would like this because I fly helicopters with the keyboard/mouse and thus have a high sensitivity, then when I get out my sensitivity is too high and I skip over targets, this effect is worsened when I look through the scope and thus I have to go into options and turn it down, which wastes time and leaves me vulnerable to being shot.

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Buy yourself a mouse with changeable dpi.

and thus be able to do something that I believe should be at the core of the game, so that all people can benefit without having to purchase new equipment?

I think it is quite a good idea and it works well in games such as Planetside 2 where they allow you to change the sensitivity when scoped in. Makes it nice to line up perfect shots but quickly snap around when neccessary. Changeable DPI mouse still requires clicking a button to change the DPI when it would be nice to have the game do it automatically.

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duplicate of #2268

Sometimes I wish the search function would tell me these things :p
Maybe I am using it wrong

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